Proud to be an idea partner and speaker for the first innovation summit in Bucharest, Romania
Innovation Summit 2013


Recent keynote engagements

TEDxUniTn on April 20th, Trento, Italy
Summit of New Thinking/Open Innovation
Road Trip to Innovation & The Future by Airbus at the trendforum 2012
Horizont Digital Days


About the keynotes

Road Trip to Innovation becomes a live experience – the audience’s brain is provoked and taken on the road to find out…

> The pulse of Innovation. Innovation will be ubiquitous. Industries and disciplines will be radically open & collaborative. It will no longer be about looking for the white spots to innovate but for the intelligent overlaps.

>What is innovation made of. A creative idea is not an innovation!

>How trends come into existence – from weak signals to megatrends

>The Future Navigator – an introduction to the trend and futures landscape . The Future Navigator is a generic and dynamic map that acts like a framework for the innovation industry, showing how  its diverse approaches interrelate.

>How to organize and structure trend & futures initiatives

>Trend research and future thinking. Unlock your innovation minset!​​ ​

>Future Illustration

>Inverted thinking. The concept of inverted thinking emphasizes on switching between various perspectives by leaving your comfort zone in order to nail the highest level of inspiration and ideate.



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