The lectures help to clarify the following topics: what are trends and how to spot them, how to apply trends in business contexts through ideation tools and how to transform them in relevant information for long term innovation strategies; what is future thinking all about and which are the methodologies and tools that companies all over the world use for building innovation – how do these interrelate in the Future Navigator map.​​​​ The Future Navigator, published in Road Trip to Innovation, is a generic and dynamic map that acts like a framework for the innovation industry, showing how  its diverse approaches interrelate.

>How do trends come into existence – from weak signals to megatrends
>Hands on experience on trend research / techniques
>Tools for extracting relevant information from trends
>Getting from trends to new actionable ideas / experiencing future thinking

Previous lectures

“Trends become innovation impulses” (invited lecturer /Miami Ad School Berlin, Germany)

“Trend research reports and presentations & Road Trip to Innovation” (biannual lectures since 2011/Coolhunting Course at IED Barcelona, Spain)

“How trends come into existence” (invited lecturer / European Business School, Wiesbaden, Germany)

“The Future Navigator”​ (invited lecturer / MHMK Macromedia University for Media and Communication, Hamburg, Germany)​


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