The Pow Wow Labs create Innovation Readiness.

Innovation Readiness translates into being ready to add value to whatever you do. Innovation Readiness is the highest point in achieving the perfect balance between coming up with innovative ideas and actually delivering them.

Customer pain – Every company needs to achieve Innovation Readiness before going deeper into structuring  and implementing innovation & futures projects. This ensures all parties involved in further innovation initiatives will understand and support each other better and create with the right mindset towards a common goal.

Pow Wow’s pill – Both trend dynamics and futures skills will bring Innovation Readiness and set the ground for creating a long lasting Innovation Culture. The Pow Wow Labs sessions are essential as they provide tools and methods that people can apply on a regular basis to harness innovation in their companies.

In a nutshell, the Pow Wow Labs is an atelier-experience that triggers and trains innovation skills inside companies through bespoke workshops and inspiring keynotes.


Pow Wow Labs

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