Road trip to Innovation-How I came to understand Future Thinking is an investigative tale about a friendly and curious mind that sets-off on a road trip to find out what innovation is truly made of.
Highlighting expert interviews and companies that are heralded for their know-how in the fields of future studies, innovation and trend research, the book offers an introduction to the theory and methodology behind these complicated notions in easy and refreshing language.

Road Trip to Innovation presents the Future Navigator, a generic and dynamic map that acts like a framework for the innovation industry, showing how its diverse approaches interrelate.
Road Trip to Innovation is powered by TrendONE, a microtrends and innovations research company.



AN INTRODUCTION to the trend and futures landscape
A PICTURE of the innovation industry
A NARRATIVE of the differences and overlaps between industry’s buzzwords
EMPHASIZING complementarities between various innovation approaches
STIMULATING a co-opetition mindset​

Road Trip to Innovation

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