>proudly hailing from Bucharest, Romania, Delia Dumitrescu draws from a ​communication and public relations​​ background
>Worked at Lowe PR/currently Gollin Harris Romania taking care of the public relations of Electrolux, Orange, HBO, Unilever​
>studied ​​Coolhunting ​at Instituto Europeo di Design Barcelona
>while living in Italy and Spain she became deeply involved in ​visual communication, trend research​ and published several texts and works of photography related to ​consumer investigation
>in the spring of 2010, while sharing and building knowledge at TrendONE Germany, she set-off on a road trip to find out what ​​innovation ​is truly made of, and hasn’t stopped since
>author ​of ​Road Trip to Innovation. How I came to understand Future Thinking and Secondhand and Vintage Berlin >currently working as a trend researcher and analyst at PCH Innovations Berlin – Los Angeles



The story of the release of my ​investigative mindset​ started at an early age with sourcing my grandma’s drawers in the search for her youth’s glam.
More seriously, it started with studying philosophy to enter the Communication and Public Relations University. At the time, I didn’t understand why I had to know about the Platons, Wittenbergs, Sartres and Descartes but later on I realized ​philosophy ​is essential for what I am today.
Philosophy taught me to ask many questions (mostly whys), not to be satisfied with what one can clearly see with his eyes but dive in to search for what lies below the water level.
Allured by ​semiotics ​since the early days of university, I learned to quietly and carefully observe the goings on around me, to search for symbols and significances.
These skills essentially make up my work today as a trend researcher&analyst and writer and how I walk through this world.

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